How will this fundraiser help USC residents?

Through this fundraiser, we will be donating all of our proceeds to the Greater Pittsburgh Food bank and the South Hills Interfaith Movement. The Food Bank will give 50% of what USC collects to SHIM, and the rest will be used by the Food Bank to operate throughout Pittsburgh. More details regarding how the money will be used are mentioned below.


For this Fundraiser, we have also contacted most of the small/local businesses in USC and with your support, we hope to see them back to normal as soon as possible. All of the businesses in our area have faced all sorts of problems in the past few months, and it is our responsibility to help them as a community. There is a list of all the businesses that we contacted at the bottom of this page and they would love to see your support!


How will the Pittsburgh food bank use the money?


As PA moves into the Green Phase, The Food Bank anticipates and is preparing to serve an increased need for at least the next 12 to 18 months. The Food Bank needs more money to fund its food drive-up distribution programs where the Food Bank serves up to a 1000 cars every time they hold a Drive-Up Food Distribution.

  • In the past three months, there has been a 543% increase in demand for food

  • In the past three months, The food bank has spent more than 1.7 million dollars compared to the average cost of 500,000 dollars per year from 2013-2019.

  • More than 4.1 million pounds of food has been delivered to the community in 6 weeks.

  • 1 dollar can provide 5 meals

  • Thirty-one drive-up food distributions serving nearly 26,000 vehicles, accounting for nearly 1.4 million pounds of food have been delivered to the community, including Washington, PA.

How will SHIM use the money?

  • According to SHIM, Almost 19 percent (373) of USC students qualify for free or reduced lunches.

  • In the South Hills, nearly 2,000 children live in poverty. SHIM programs serve more than 7,500 individuals each year and provide significant direct benefit to the families and communities.     

  • Shim is a local organization that helps South Hills residents who struggle financially with food and clothing. They have been operating for the past 51 years. 

  • This April, Shim has helped 739 households -  2372 individuals. Out of these households, there were 217 new households encompassing 647 individuals.

  • Last year -

They provided 359,385 meals through our 3 food pantries to 4,000 people living in 790 households

Grew more than 15,000 lbs. of produce that was distributed at food pantries

Provided 25,464 articles of clothing and 1,518 household items to people through the community closet

Distributed school supplies to more than 1,100 students

Assisted 346 refugees/immigrants with shelter access, education, healthcare, and legal support.

Provided support to 465 families on health and well-being, positive parenting, economic self-sufficiency, and keeping children safe.

Enriched and empowered more than 150 kids in summer camp, 75 elementary students in the after-school program, and 130 middle and high school students in the youth mentoring program

Granted $31,000 in energy assistance to 80 households